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  • Ghosts of Pearl Harbor: Saving the Crossroads to Marine Aviation in the Pacific Theater +

    On this day, the 75th anniversary of the Attack on Pearl Harbor, we at WarbirdsNews thought our readers would be Read More
  • Italian Air Force P-51D Mustang Recovered From Lake Garda +

    On December 2nd, as reported by Giornaledbrescia, the Associazione Volontari del Garda (Garda Volunteers Association) recovered the substantial remains of Read More
  • XP-82 Twin Mustang – November 2016 – Restoration Update +

    WarbirdsNews has received the latest XP-82 Twin Mustang restoration update from Tom Reilly at his workshop in Douglas, Georgia. Here’s Read More
  • Finding Closure: Unique Encounter Ends Seven Decades of Emptiness +

    Evidence of the source of her pain rested within the contents of a few boxes of loosely sorted photos and Read More
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